This year Melton South Primary School is switching to an online only ordering system for Book Packs with our stationery supplier Paperchase Office National. This is due to a new Department of Education and Training (DET) policy.
There will be NO collection day at the school. Book packs will be delivered free of charge to the school for distribution to the students if ordered by the due date.

Complete Packs only can be ordered through the Paperchase Booklist website, see below for details.

Please place your order online no later than 12th January 2022 to guarantee free delivery to the school before the start of Term 1.
Orders placed after the cutoff date may incur a $5 late fee, and are not guaranteed to be delivered before the start of Term 1 2022 .
Parents can contact the school office for assistance to place the book list order if they do not have any access to the internet at

Online Ordering Procedure

  1. (this link combines step 1 and 2 that is outlined in the ordering steps attached)
  2. Click ‘Create Order’, Enter students first and last name, choose year level from the drop-down list and follow the prompts to place your order. Please check your E-mail for order receipt.
    PLEASE NOTE: All packs will be delivered to the school for distribution to students and therefore must be pre-paid. Payment
    must be made during the online ordering process, by Visa or Mastercard (credit card or debit card accepted).
    If you elect not to purchase the booklist through Paperchase please ensure children come to school on the first day with the required materials.

Curriculum Contributions

MSPS is looking forward to a great year of teaching and learning and would like to advise you of Melton South Primary School’s voluntary financial contributions for 2022. The ongoing support of our families ensures that our school can offer the best possible education and support for your child/children and all of our students. Last year we subsidized the essential student learning items package by paying $75 for each student in order to support families through the COVID crisis. We want to thank you for your support. This has made a huge difference to our school and the programs we can offer. Together we can make a difference.

In 2022, due to impact of COVID-19 in 2021, we will be subsidizing this fee by $45.00. We are asking parents to support their child/children’s schooling by paying $50 per child. This COVID-19 Subsidy will only be available in 2022.

Your voluntary Curriculum Contribution of $50 supports the school by:
· Providing students with the use of well-maintained digital devices
· Enhancing our WIFI and internet services
· Providing quality teaching and learning hands-on and digital resources
· Enabling special curriculum experiences
· Improving playgrounds

Financial Support for Families

Please contact the school for more information

Payment Methods

The Curriculum Contribution can be paid via CASH/EPFTOS/BPAY at the general office. There is also the option to pay it online with the book list via Paperchase Office National. We understand this could quickly add up for families with more than one child at school and therefore strongly encourage you to start making progressive payments as soon as possible.

Further information is outlined in the attached 2022 School Fees Letter.