Supporting Primary School Children in their return to on-site learning

What an exciting week we’ve had so far, seeing those beaming faces of our prep students yesterday, excited to be finally returning to school!

The following video is a recording from a Royal Childrens Hospital Facebook Live event held last week aimed at families of primary-aged students to support Victorian schoolchildren with their return to onsite learning.

You can watch the replay here.

Supporting Primary students in their return to school

Some video reference stopping points:

20:13 Validation of mask wearing and mask wearing tips and dealing with anxieties to support social reintegration

28:56 Challenges families experience around returning to ‘normal’   -re-entry syndrome

31:00 How best to support children on returning  to school and supporting  their learning

39:28 School avoidance/non-attendance strategies

47:28 Fear of getting COVID/asthmatic students

49:44  Covid stigma – Dealing with testing positive if/when there is a school outbreak

There are some amazing strategies and suggestions throughout the video, please contact your child’s classroom teacher if there are any concerns or arrangements you would like to arrange to support your child’s successful return to school. Remember to stay updated through the SKOOLBAG app.