School Hours

We have a significant number of students who come to school late. This often means they have missed the instructions for the first session of the day and are unsure of where they need to be and what is expected from the activity. The school day begins at 8.50 a.m when students can enter the classroom and prepare for the first lesson at 9.00 a.m. Please ensure your students are at school prepared to start the day on time.

Office hours are 8:30am - 3.45 pm if you wish to advise us of an absence.

All Enquiries should be directed through the office

Phone: 9743 2922  -  Fax: 9743 0986


8:50 am Students are able to enter their classroom and get ready for the school day
9:00 am Commencement of morning session
11:00 am Morning recess
11:30 am Commencement of pre lunch session
1:30 pm Lunch time
2:15 pm Commencement of afternoon session
3:15 pm Close of the school day

Prep children do not attend on Wednesdays for the first 6 weeks of term 1.