School Council

The School Council is a very important body within the school  with added responsibilities and duties being handed to them. Our School Council consists of the following representatives:

  • 6 Parents

  • 4 Directorate of School Education Representatives including the Principal

  • Up to two members can be co-opted

The  responsibilities and duties include:

  • Grounds and Buildings
  • Finances for the school
  • Education
  • Fundraising
  • Community Building

By operating under a committee system these duties are handled adequately, although expertise is always required. In March nominations for representatives will be called. Interested parents should contact the school. A more detailed run-down on the School Council will be available for nominees and representatives. Support can also be given by assisting at working bees, supporting fundraising efforts, completing any curriculum questionnaires which may be sent home from time to time and offering assistance for such events as the School Fundraising.