TRANSITION TO SCHOOL FOR NEW PREP STUDENTS                                                                   

This year we will be running a program to prepare students for Prep in 2017

This program , "COUNT DOWN TO PREP", will offer activities that will help students become familiar with the school and prepare them for a happy and successful start to the school year.

If you would like to be involved in this program that runs in Term2 and 3 please contact the school.

Please download the form here and complete and return to the school office to enrol for these sessions. countdown to prep 2016.pdf

TO ENROL FOR PREP IN 2017 please complete the forms below and hand in at the school office 


Towards the end of the Kinder year:

Transition sessions will be held to introduce children to the Prep teachers and to meet other students during some fun activities.



Parents of students enrolled for 2017 will be notified when these sessions will take place in Term 4.

During these sessions parents will have the opportunity to meet with the School Speech Pathologist, the School Nurse, the Principal and Assistant Principal and our school curriculum coaches to learn about our programs and to ask any questions or discuss any concerns you may have.


School Tours

Parents may wish to make a tour of the school prior to enrolling their child at Melton South Primary. Appointments can be made for a personal guided tour by contacting the school on 9743 2922.


The First Few Weeks at School

Prep children are very special people.  It is vital that their initial experiences are structured to enable them to adjust happily to school.

  The first day of school for Preps at Melton South is the same date as for all students. Parents will be advised in writing and on the website of details such as arrival and pick-up times.

   Wednesdays are spent at home for the first few weeks, to give Prep children the opportunity to ‘recharge their batteries’.  Even children who are accustomed to long days away from home can become exhausted.  This arrangement usually continues until after the long weekend in March.

   Testing aims to help teachers get to know each child as an individual.  Very simple questions are designed to show the child’s readiness to engage in learning to read, ("Can you show me the front of the book?") or simple Mathematics ("Can you get me five teddies?").  The time taken for testing varies according to children’s responses, but may be about 45 minutes. Parents are requested to attend this testing and a Parent Teacher interview.  These tests are conducted on Wednesdays. On the first day of school, parents are asked to make an appointment at a time which suits them.

   Interviews enable parents and teachers to get to know each other, as well as giving parents the opportunity to share information (health issues, family issues, personality characteristics, etc.) with the person who will guide their child in his/her transition to school. These first interviews are not focussed on the academic performance of the children who have only been at school for a few days. 


Prep Play Areas

Preps have their own playground for climbing, swinging and playing games. Initially Prep children are given earlier recess and lunch breaks than the rest of the students and are very closely supervised in these areas, but they very quickly gain enough confidence to begin exploring further afield in the schoolyard.

Grade 6 Buddies will assist the preps in the first few weeks to find their way around and to help with any questions they may have.

In the Schoolyard

During recess and at lunchtime there are always teachers in the yard to give assistance to children.  Teachers record playground incidents in official books, enabling staff to see patterns should they appear.  Such patterns are then recorded on a computerised database and any children featured can be identified.  Class teachers, the Wellbeing Coordinator, and if necessary, the staff as a whole, can then work together to deal with problems before they become entrenched.  Behaviours such as bullying (the repeated targeting of a student in a way that causes that student distress) are rigorously addressed.



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