Melton South Primary School has a state-of-the-art Learning and Technology Centre, incorporating a well-resourced library. The facility houses a computer network of 28 multimedia computers and an overhead projector with large screen which has access to a network including e-mail and Internet and facilities. The computer network extends into classrooms which access the same services, enabling ready computer availability to all students and teachers. The network infrastructure  includes desktop and wireless netbook, tablet and notebook computers.  There is ready access to a growing number of electronic and multimedia resources, including Interactive Whiteboards to support students' learning.

The original historic building contains a modern administration area and the two permanent brick wings are linked by coverways. The art, sports and music areas are well equipped. The Multi- Purpose Centre  provides outstanding facilities for the Arts and Technology and there is a full court Gymnasium and Science/ Music room with stage. The toilets are safely contained within the building complex. The grounds contain modern playground equipment, a sand pit, astroturf soccer courts, a large oval bordered by trees and asphalt play areas which are used extensively by both the school and the community                                                                                                                                        .

Our Multipurpose Centre is also home to our Prep grades who benefit from all the centrally located facilities that are used in our program for their first year of school. In recent times a large increase in our enrolments has required the addition of some relocatable classrooms that have modern fittings including air conditioning and heating and Interactive displays.