Melton South Primary School interacts with its community at two different levels. The first consists of those groups directly involved in the daily school program and includes the students, staff (both teaching and non teaching) and parents/guardians. There is also the wider community which includes pre-schools and secondary schools, and all persons residing and/or employed in the Melton Shire and surroundings. The school will utilize a number of strategies to ensure effective communication between the community and the school.

These include:

  • weekly newsletter to all families. A digital copy is available on the NEWSLETTER tab or on the Skoolbag App. You may wish to subscribe to have the Newsletter emailed to you.                                                                                                                                  
  • regular items in local newspaper covering special events and achievements.

  • publication of the Annual Gener al Report.

  • information sessions for grade levels and subjects areas. Classroom Helpers,Family Maths and Parent Helpers.

  • liaisons with pre-schools and secondary colleges within the area.

  • transitions with pre-school and secondary colleges.

  • open days encouraging wider community participation.

The School will utilize the resources within the local community to enable it to have programs which are responsive to the needs of the community.

The local community provides valuable resources in the form of :-

  • advice and expertise to School Council.

  • knowledge, skills and the experience to support our educational programs.

  • assistance with the maintenance of the school facilities, using the local directory where appropriate.

  • financial assistance through donations, sponsorships and the support of fundraising.

  • opportunities to visit professional and business workplaces, display students' work and to give public performances.

  • development of the natural school environment.

The School has the responsibility to :-

  • share facilities, where appropriate.

  • welcome visitors, treat them with respect and show our appreciation of them.

  • ensure that the rights of community members are respected and confidently guaranteed.

  • co-ordinate and monitor requests from the community.

  • show that we value peoples' time through thorough planning and communication, and an appreciation of their efforts.

The school expects that parents, visitors and members of the community that use our facilities will:-

  • treat the students, staff and school facilities with respect.

  • observe confidentiality when participating in school programs.

  • sign our visitors' book and wear a visitors' badge.

  • adhere to the School Council policy in relation to police and working with children checks.

The School will seek School Community comment and input through:-

  • School Council sub-committee participation.

  • surveys, discussions and meetings.

  • parent coffee chat mornings

  • access to the Principal and staff.

  • representation on local networks.

  • Parent/Teacher interviews.