Melton South Primary School Council – Expression of Interest (EOI) Canteen Service

The attached document is for prospective providers interested in running and maintaining the canteen service at MSPS.

Reference Number: MSPSCanteen2022
Submission Details:
Closing Time: 16:00 on 30th November 2021
Place of Lodgement: Melton South Primary School, 38-46 Exford Road Melton South VIC 3338
Receiving Staff Member: Mrs Kety Fiumara
Additional Details: All EOI submissions must be hard copy, in a sealed envelope, clearly marked “Canteen Service”
Please provide five hard copies of your EOI submission.
The submission must also be provided via email. EOI submissions must
be received at the following email address before the Closing Time:
Submissions must follow the format attached, including the completion of all Forms, plus supporting documentation and any additional requested information.

If you have any enquires please direct them to:
Name: Mrs Kety Fiumara
Title: Business Manager
Phone: 9743 2922
All enquiries concerning the EOI must be in writing and can only be made up to three (3) days prior to the Closing Time.